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Isaac CROSBY had at least 19 children

From Fanny J. Crosby, "Memories of Eighty Years" (James H. Earle & Company, Boston: 1906), p. 2 #21 http://www.disabilitymuseum.org/lib/docs/1653.htm?page=2#21 Disability History Museum, www.disabilitymuseum.org,

"My great-grandfather, Isaac Crosby, was noted for his wit. While in the Revolutionary War, wishing a furlough that he might visit his home to see a child born during his absence, he told his general that he had nineteen children at home and had never seen one of them. Of course his request was granted. He was the son of Eleazer Crosby and Patience Freeman, the grand-daughter of Elder William Brewster; and through Zachariah Paddock, another ancestor on my mother's side, we are also descended from Thomas Prence and Major John Freeman." (Fanny's mother's maiden name was CROSBY.)

If Isaac's wife was still of childbearing age following the incident related above, it is possible that he had even more children than nineteen. One problem with this recollection is that no Isaac CROSBY is listed in the Dutchess County revolutionary war militia records in print. Perhaps it was another conflict?

Isaac CROSBY's last marriage

The Settlers of the Beekman Patent, Dutchess County, New York by Frank J. Doherty, 2:357-358, states that Thankful BANGS, widow of Samuel BANGS, was married after Samuel's death to "Isaac Crosby 11 Nov. 1799 at South East. They were both reported by the newspaper to be over 80 years of age. Thankful Crosby, wife of Isaac d. 19 Feb. 1815 in 87th year. Isaac Crosby died 17 Feb. 1815 in 97thyear. [MDDC 3, OGPC 329]." See http://www.newenglandancestors.org/research/database/beekman/default.asp?file=RESEARCH\DATABASE\BEEKMAN\CONTENT\VOL.02.358.HTM

MDDC = Notices of Marriages and Deaths Published in Newspapers printed at Poughkeepsie, New York 1778-1825 in Volume IV of the Collections of the Dutchess County Historical Society

OGPC = Old Gravestones of Putnam Co. NY. By BarbaraSmith Buys, Gateway Press 1975

If Isaac really had 19 children, he probably had at least one other wife, whose name is unknown, between Mercy FOSTER and his marriage to Mrs. Thankful BANGS in 1799.

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Proposed Chronology of the Life of Elisha Crosby

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Date Event Location

1760 Birth of likely relative Obadiah CROSBY Patterson, Dutchess (now Putnam) County, NY [Town of Patterson was part of what was called Fredericks Town and Southeast Town in 1788 and Franklin in 1795.]

1762 or 1763 Elisha born Location unknown, possibly Dutchess County, NY

27 April 1790 Elisha CROSBY and Joseph ROOKER, both of Renssealaerwyck, leased a farm East Manor, Renssealaerwyck, Albany County, NY

1790 An Elisha CROSBEY listed in the census, with 2 male under 16 and 4 females, besides himself Renssealaerwyck, Albany County, NY

1790-1800 Births of sons Joshua and Edward New York state (Joshua)

1794-1800 Birth of probable daughter Patty or Martha New York state

1794-1804 Probable birth of son Foster Location unknown

7 March 1798 An Elisha CROSBEY appointed as lieutenant in county militia Rensselaer County, NY

About 1796 Likely relative Obadiah CROSBY moved to Norwich, Chenango County, NY

21 March 1800 Birth of daughter Phebe CROSBY, daughter of wife Susan Unadilla, Otsego County, NY

11 November 1800 An Elisha CROSBY, who had removed, was replaced in the militia Rensselaer County, NY

1800 Elisha enumerated in federal census, listed next to Obadiah CROSBY Norwich, Chenango County, NY

1800 Elisha COSBY taxed for personal property, listed next to Obadiah CROSBY Norwich, Chenango County, NY

1801 Elisha CROSBY taxed for personal property, listed next to Obadiah CROSBY Norwich, Chenango County, NY

1802 Elisha CROSBY taxed for real and personal property Cobleskill, Schoharie County, NY
About 1803 Likely relative Obadiah CROSBY moved from Norwich, Chenango County, NY to Root, Montgomery County, NY

June 1803 An Elijah CROSBY of -----kill, Schoharie County (probably Cobleskill) leased a farm. Schoharie County, NY [probably Colbleskill]

1803 Elisha CROSBY taxed for real and personal property Cobleskill, Schoharie County, NY
1807 Birth of Elisha Crosby CONKLIN, son of Clarinda/Clorinda (CROSBY) CONKLIN. Christened in 1811 in Schodack, Rensselaer County, NY [Father in 1810 Schodack Census]

1810 Elisha and Joshua CROSBY enumerated in federal census, near Solomon HAWLETT Carlisle, Schoharie County, NY

1810 Probable son-in-law Jacob HALLET enumerated in federal census Charlestown [Charleston], Montgomery County, NY

1810 Likely relative Obadiah CROSBY and sons enumerated in federal census Canajoharie, Montgomery County, NY

1812 Grandson John or Johnston CROSBY (son of Joshua) born Charleston, Montgomery County, NY

1812-1814 Son Joshua CROSBY moved to Bainbridge, Chenango County, NY

1815 Jacob and Patty/Martha HALLET moved from Montgomery County, NY to Bainbridge, Chenango County, NY

5 March 1817 Daughter Phebe CROSBY married Benjamin PECK Location unknown

March 1, 1818 Death of Elisha CROSBY, age 55 Buried East Side Cemetery, Afton, Chenango County, NY

Picture of Phebe Crosby Peck Knight Lott

I don't have a history of the origin of this picture. The copy was given to me by my aunt, Iris Nielsen. Perhaps the Rich family organization(s) would have more information about it.

Research Report on Phebe's Ancestry and Siblings

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Records from Phebe and her children
From a transcription of a family record, we know that Phebe CROSBY married Benjamin PECK on 5 March 1817 and bore her first child on 25 November 1818 and her last on 25 September 1825.1

On 10 August 1832, Phebe Peck wrote a letter to her sister-in-law, Anna (PECK) PRATT, and addressed the letter to Anna’s husband, Stephen D. Pratt, at South Bainbridge, Chenango County, NY. After closing the epistle to Anna, Phebe addressed “A few lines to Sister Patty” whose surname was not given. The emotion which Phebe conveys in the letter indicates a very close relationship to Patty. She stated “I can tell you I have plenty to eat drink and to wear and enjoy as good health as I did in Bainbridge.” Phebe further stated “. . . the children . . . often speak of their cousins in that place and wish me to send there (sic) best love to you and your children. [P]lease to give my respects to my Brothers and tell them not to forget that they have A Sister in Missouri.”2

In 1841, Phebe and her daughters were baptized as proxies for their deceased relatives. In 1841 and 1844, Phebe gave the information that her parents were Elisha and Susan CROSBY. Phebe’s daughter stated that she had was the niece of deceased Archibald and Foster CROSBY.3 Phebe’s other daughter stated that she had deceased cousins named Selinda and Lucyann HOLLET and was a great-niece of the deceased Thankful COX. As these names do not appear on the PECK side of the family, it is presumed that these are Phebe’s relatives.

In 1844 Phebe stated that she was born 21 March 1800 in Unadilla, Otsego County, New York.4 Family and church records indicate her children were born in Bainbridge, Chenango County, New York, from 1820 to 1825. Phebe died between 30 March 18475 and 6 May 1849,6 without leaving further information regarding her CROSBY family.

From the above records the following may be deduced:

• Elisha and Susan CROSBY were Phebe’s parents and in 1800 they lived in Unadilla, Otsego County, New York.
• Elisha or Susan CROSBY had a sister or sister-in-law named Thankful COX.
• Elisha and Susan CROSBY had sons named Archibald and Foster, who died before 1841.
• Elisha and Susan CROSBY had a daughter named Patty who lived in or near South Bainbridge, New York, in 1832. Some of their sons also lived in that vicinity at that time.
• Elisha and Susan CROSBY had a daughter who married a HOLLET who was the mother of the deceased Selinda and Lucyann.

In 1886, Phebe's grandson, Thomas RICH, son of Henrietta (PECK) RICH, was baptized as proxy for his dead grand-uncles, Joshua and Edward CROSBY. (Logan Temple, Baptisms for the Dead, Book E, pp. 134-137, FHL #177844) Henrietta was born in 1823 and would have been old enough to remember her uncles when the PECKs left Bainbridge in 1831. It is also possible that she knew they were dead because she had been in contact with family members who had moved to Illinois by 1840 (see below).

Otsego County, New York
Census, land, church, court, probate, newspaper and cemetery records of this county were searched without finding any evidence of Elisha or Susan CROSBY or any of the proposed relatives of Phebe CROSBY.

The town of Unadilla lies in the southwesternmost corner of the county and is bordered by the Susquehanna and Unadilla Rivers. It borders Chenango County on the west. There is a village called Unadilla within this town. A history of Afton, Chenango County [see below], states the following:

"The village of Unadilla, then known as “Wattle’s Ferry,” was an important place for our early settlers. Not only was it a stopping and equipment point for Vermont sufferers and Massachusetts emigrants, but it was terminus of the route followed by Connecticut emigrants from the Hudson at Catskill to the Susquehanna. At first this was merely an Indian trail, but before long it was widened into a passable wagon road and in 1802 it became an improved toll-paying turnpike with frequent wayside inns. ***Until the completion of the Erie Canal in 1825, the Catskill turnpike vied with the Mohawk valley road as the chief New York route of western migration."7

There is also a village called Unadilla Forks in the northwesternmost corner of Otsego County.

In summary, because no evidence of our CROSBY family was found in this area, it is possible that Phebe was born in Unadilla while her parents were en route to Norwich, Chenango County where an Elisha CROSBY was enumerated in the 1800 Census (see below). This is possible because Unadilla Village was a ferry crossing, stopping and equipment point along an emigrant trail.

Chenango County, New York
Many records were searched in this county also. In the East Side Cemetery of the village of Afton, the following tombstones were found in the same row, adjacent to each other:

Mr. Elisha Crosby, d. March 1, 1818 in the 55y of his age
Sarah J. daut of Joshua & Nancy Crosby, d. July 10, 1825 AE 13 m-s.
Mr. Hiram Crosby d. Dec. 23, 1830 AE 16 y & 11 m.
Luthera A. wife of Joshua C. Hallet. d. Sept. 16, 1855, AE. 36 yrs8

The Elisha CROSBY buried here would have been born about 1763 and therefore could have been the father of Phebe. The surname HALLET is similar enough to the HOLLET surname (mentioned in the baptism for the dead records) to cause interest. Also buried in these cemetery, not far away from those listed above, is Joshua C. HALLET 1818-1897 and Charlotte R. his wife 1847-1909.9

It should be noted that from 1814 to 1857 the town of Bainbridge encompassed all the land between Sidney, Delaware County, and Ninevah, Broome County. However, the southern part of the town was known as South Bainbridge, and in 1857 became the separate town of Afton.10

In 1800, the year Phebe was born, an Elisha CROSBY was enumerated in the census as a resident of Norwich, Chenango County, with the following household:

1 male over 45 (b. before 1755)
1 female over 45 (b. before 1755)
1 male age 26-45 (b. 1755-1774)
1 female age 26-45 (b. 1755-1774)
2 males 16-26 (b. 1774-1784)
2 males 10-16 (b. 1784-1790)
1 female 10-16 (b. 1784-1790)

Conspicuously absent from this family is a female under age 10, which is how Phebe would have been counted in this enumeration. This is presuming that the census was taken after Phebe was born in March. [See below for evidence regarding the incorrectness of this enumeration.]

Listed adjacent to Elisha in this census was Obadiah CROSBY. This was interesting. However, the census was listed semi-alphabetically, by the first letter of each surname, so more research was done to prove indication of a relationship between these two men. Fortunately, tax lists from 1799 to 1804 exist for many New York counties. The 1799 Norwich tax list includes Obadiah CROSBY, who owned a lot worth $125 and $40 worth of personal property, but no other CROSBYs.11 In 1800, in a non-alphabetized list, Elisha COSBY is listed next to Obadiah CROSBY.12 Elisha owned $66 worth of personal property, while Obadiah owned a farm worth $425 and $48 worth of personal property. In 1801, Elisha CROSBY was again listed adjacent to Obadiah CROSBY in Norwich, this time with $60 worth of personal property.13 Elisha did not appear in Norwich, nor in any of the surrounding areas, after 1801.14

In 1800 and 1801, Norwich encompassed the current towns of Pharsalia, Plymouth, Preston, McDonough, New Berlin, part of Columbus and North Norwich.15

No other evidence has been found in the Chenango County records of Elisha or Susan CROSBY. However, records of their probable children and possible relatives have been located.

The histories of Chenango County mention an Issac CROSBY who was one of the Vermont Sufferers 16 who was allotted 180 acres in what is now Bainbridge and Afton towns, as well as a grant of 780 acres.17 Another early history stated that Phebe CROSBY and her husband, Benjamin PECK, lived on the Peck “homestead farm” which is where Benjamin’s father, Joseph PECK, settled.18 From the description in the history of homestead as “about a mile below Afton [village], on the east side of the [Susquehanna] river, where Hezekiah Medbury now [1880] lives . . . .” and using a county atlas, we can pinpoint Phebe’s residence during her marriage as being in lot 62.19 The 1880 history also led us to the residence of Joshua HALLETT in Afton town lot 89.20

Among the many CROSBYs in the deed and mortgage records of Chenango County were the following:

• Edward CROSBY of Bainbridge, who on 15 March 1823 purchased for $175 62 acres in lot 2 and part of great lot 79 in Bainbridge Town from Daniel and Damaris GARRET (DD:425). On 28 August 1823 Edward CROSBY of Bainbridge mortgaged this property to Elisha and Hannah KIRTLAND or KIRKLAND of Bainbridge (G:154). Also on 28 August 1823, Edward CROSBY and his wife Catherine of Bainbridge sold the same property to Hannah KIRTLAND for $175 (EE:514).

In the 1830 Census, Edward CROSBY was enumerated in Bainbridge with the following household:

1 male age 30-40 (b. 1790-1800) (Edward)
1 female age 30-40 (b. 1790-1800) (wife, Catherine?)
1 male 15-20 (b. 1810-1815)
1 male 10-15 (b. 1815-1820)
2 females 5-10 (b. 1820-1825)
1 female under 5 (b. 1825-1830) 21

Edward was not enumerated in Bainbridge in 1840 and is believed to have moved to Illinois (see below).

• Foster CROSBY, who in 1820 was enumerated in Bainbridge with the following household:

1 male 16-26 (b. 1794-1804) (Foster)
1 female 16-26 (b. 1794-1804) (probable wife)
1 female under 10 (b. 1810-1820) (probable daughter) 22

No other records were found anywhere for this Foster CROSBY. 23 There is a good chance this was Phebe’s brother who died before 1841.

• George W. CROSBY of Greene, Chenango County, who bought and sold land in Greene with William PATTERSON in 1833 and 1834. George’s wife was Amanda. (M:528, N:250, VV:220, 271, ZZ:245. There is a mortgage transaction recorded in 1834 between Alonzo and Obadiah CROSBY, both of Albany, New York, and George W., concerning property in Greene (N:250).

• John CROSBY of Jericho (which later became Bainbridge), who, with his wife Nancy, mortgaged in 1814 land in Jericho’s Lot #85 (C:366). As this same property was sold on the same day by Joshua and Nancy CROSBY (see below) and there is no further mention in the records of a John CROSBY of Jericho/Bainbridge, I believe the name should have been Joshua instead of John in the record.

• Joshua CROSBY of Bainbridge, who, according to a county history, married Nancy JOHNSTON, daughter of John JOHNSTON.24 This history indicated that John JOHNSTON moved from Montgomery County, New York, to what is now Afton, about 1809 or 1810.25 Joshua and wife Nancy sold in 1814 fifty acres in Jericho’s Lot #85 (S:74). Joshua was enumerated in the 1820 Census of Bainbridge with the following household:

1 male 26-45 (b. 1775-1794) (Joshua)
1 female 26-45 (b. 1775-1794) (wife Nancy?)
1 male 16-26 (b. 1794-1804)
3 males under 10 (b. 1810-1820) (probable sons)
1 female under 10 (probable daughter)

Significantly, in 1820, Joshua and Nancy CROSBY of Bainbridge sold 15 acres of property in Bainbridge’s Lot #85 to Jacob S. HALLETT of Bainbridge (QQ:194). Joshua was listed as a Chenango County juror in the Court of Common Pleas records in 1822.26 The deeds also revealed that by 1831 Joshua and Nancy were residents of Colesville, Broome County, New York, when the sold 10 acres of land in Bainbridge’s Lot #85 (QQ:197). Joshua was not listed in the 1840 Census of Broome or Chenango Counties and is presumed to have moved to Illinois (see below).

• Obadiah CROSBY of Norwich (see above), who purchased land in Norwich’s Lot #73 in 1801 (E:625), mortgaged property in the same area in 1804 (A:546), sold the same property in 1804 with his wife Mary (G:90). The mortgage records revealed an Obadiah CROSBY who lived in Albany in 1834 (see above).

In 1800, Obadiah was enumerated next to Elisha CROSBY in Bainbridge with the following household:

1 male over 45 (b. before 1755)
1 female over 45 (b. before 1755)
1 male age 26-45 (b. 1755-1774)
1 female age 26-45 (b. 1755-1774)
2 males 16-26 (b. 1774-1784)
2 males 10-16 (b. 1784-1790)
3 females 10-16 (b. 1784-1790) 27

Jacob S. HALLET of Bainbridge who was enumerated in there in 1820 and 1830, near his father, Solomon HALLET. Significantly, Jacob was not enumerated in Bainbridge in 1840, although Solomon was, and the proof of Solomon’s will indicates that Jacob died before 1841.28 And the only other HALLET in Bainbridge in 1840 was a Patty HALLET.29

In the 1950s Mabel Truman of Bainbridge wrote to Margaret Walling Smith (a descendant of Elisha CROSBY) that a Martha Crosby married Jacob Hallet and had children Matilda, Joshua, Phoebe, Fidelia, Celinda, Lucy Ann, Susan, Martha, Hannah, Janet, Evaline, Hiram Devillo and Jacob Orville.30 Ms. Truman stated that “Between the Crosby stones [in the East Side Cemetery] (very old field stones) & that of Joshua Hallet’s wife are spaces (unmarked) where there were probably more Crosbys or perhaps the graves of Jacob & Martha.”

Because Patty was a nickname for Martha and because of daughters Celinda and Lucy Ann, it would appear that Patty/Martha (CROSBY) HALLET was the sister of Phebe CROSBY. However, this Lucy Ann HALLET was alive in 1841 (she apparently died in 1867) and so could not have been the Lucyann HOLLET whose proxy baptism was performed that year. Did Phebe forget which of her sister’s children had died? Or is there a connection to another LucyAnn HOLLET and Phebe CROSBY? Or have we got the wrong family altogether?

Much research has been done to trace the family of Jacob and Patty HALLET in an attempt to prove a connection with our CROSBY family. I will not detail all of that research here at this time. Suffice it to say, I believe Patty HALLET was Phebe CROSBY’s sister, to whom she addressed the note in 1832, but proof will probably only be found in family records of Jacob and Patty’s descendants, if such exist. From the 1820-1840 censuses, it appears that Patty HALLET was born between 1794 and 1800. Her children’s death records and 1880 Census enumerations list her birthplace as New York state.

In summary, the Elisha CROSBY who was buried in Afton in 1818 and born about 1763 appeared to be a good candidate for Phebe’s father. Foster CROSBY (born 1794-1804) of Bainbridge in 1820 was probably Phebe’s brother. He was apparently married with a young daughter at this time. No further evidence of this Foster CROSBY was found anywhere. We know he died before 1841; probably he died between 1820 and 1830. Joshua CROSBY (born 1775-1794) and Edward CROSBY (born 1790-1800) are presumed to be Phebe's brothers whose proxy baptisms were done by her grandson in 1886 (see above). (Joshua and Edward could have been the brothers Phebe referred to in her 1832 letter.) Patty HALLET (born about 1794 and perhaps earlier) could have been Phebe’s “Sister Patty”. Obadiah CROSBY was likely a relative of the Elisha CROSBY who lived in Norwich from 1800 to 1801.

Federal Military Records
No record of Elisha CROSBY has been found in the New York Revolutionary War records or in the War of 1812 records. However, a pension application was found for his probable relative, Obadiah CROSBY.31 In 1832 Obadiah, then residing in Root Town, Montgomery County, New York, was seventy-two years old when he gave a sworn statement concerning his military service. He stated he was born in Patterson Town, Dutchess County, New York, in 1760 and lived there during the war and that 13 years 32 afterwards (or about 1796) moved to Chenango County where he lived about 7 years (or until about 1803) and then moved to Root and had resided there since. Obadiah stated that he served in the military for one month in the Fall of 1777 under Captain Thomas SEARS at Peekskill. In about November 1777 Obadiah served for 6 months in the Continental line as a driver at Fishkill Barracks, driving from Fishkill Barracks to Oswego, Dutchess County and other places, under Captain Stephen NOIS. About 1 September 1778 Obadiah went in the service as a substitute for one month for Aron (sic) GARRISON, who in 1832 was living east of Albany. At this time Obadiah was stationed at West Point under Captain David HEACOCK and Colonel MOORHOUSE. Obadiah’s pension application was denied because he could not prove sufficient time of service. However, in 1852 and 1853, two of Obadiah’s sons, Isaac CROSBY and Lot CROSBY, each signed Powers of Attorney appointing others concerning Obadiah’s pension. Both of these Powers of Attorney were signed in Montgomery County, New York; Lot’s was witnessed by Nathaniel CROSBY.

This document was quite informative concerning Obadiah’s place of origin and movements thereafter. Presuming Elisha was Obadiah’s relative would lead us to believe that Elisha was also from Dutchess County.

Dutchess and Putnam Counties, New York
A plethora of CROSBY families were discovered in the area which is now Putnam County, New York, but in the eighteenth century was part of Dutchess County. These families descended from Harwich, Barnstable County, Massachusetts, migrants who came to what was then called the Oblong Patent between 1749 and 1756.33 The families intermarried with other New England migrants; many of the given names are similar and repeated in successive generations.34 Repetitive given names significant to this research are Isaac, Joshua, Theodorus and Thankful. Some of them married into the FOSTER family, which was significant considering the given name of Elisha’s son Foster CROSBY.

Unfortunately, no evidence of our Elisha CROSBY was found in any records searched thus far in Dutchess or Putnam Counties. However, a helpful record was found of the baptisms of Obadiah CROSBY and his family. In August 1789, Obediah (sic), Mary, Theodorus, Thankful, Alonzo and Lot CROSBY were baptized into the church in Gilead.35 In 1790 Obadiah was listed as a member there.36 The Gilead Baptist Burying Ground is currently located in Carmel Town, near the border of Southeast Town.37

From the cemetery records, it was found that the Town of Patterson was part of what was called Fredericks Town and Southeast Town in 1788 and Franklin in 1795.38 The area that is now Putnam County was originally called the Southern Precinct of Dutchess County and in about 1740 was termed the Fredericksburgh Precinct.39 Patterson Town was not actually called by that name until 1808.40 I believe this area was part of the Phillipse Patent and the settlers leased land from the Phillips family.

In 1790, Obadiah CROSBY was enumerated in the census of Southeast Town, Dutchess County.41 In his household were 1 male over 16 (Obadiah), 3 males under 16 (Theodorus, Alonzo and Lot) and 2 females (Mary and Thankful).

Internet Sources
Ancestry.com contains a record of the descendants of Joshua CROSBY (b. 1775-1794), prepared by descendant Rose MUELLER.42 From this database, compiled from family and vital records, we learned Joshua CROSBY’s second son was named Elisha Foster CROSBY, which is another connection to Phebe’s relatives. Joshua’s oldest son, John, was born in 1812 in Montgomery County, New York, but the next child was born in 1814 in Bainbridge. Joshua also named a son Edward, another connection with the Edward CROSBY of Bainbridge. This database revealed that Joshua CROSBY’s family moved to Dixon, Lee County, Illinois, in the late 1830s and then to Jefferson and Adams Counties, Wisconsin, in the early 1840s. Joshua’s wife, Nancy JOHNSTON, died in 1865, but Joshua’s death date and place were not listed in this record. Nancy was born in 1783, but the 1830 Census for Joshua indicates he was born in 1790 or after (see below).

The 1880 Census was examined for all of Joshua’s sons who survived to that year. All of them listed their father’s birthplace as New York state. (See FamilySearch.org.)

The 65th wedding anniversary notice of Joshua’s son, John CROSBY, revealed that John was born in 1812 in Charleston, Montgomery County, New York.43 His wife was born in Bainbridge in 1815 but the couple were married in Bradford County, Pennsylvania, in 1833.

A Jefferson County newspaper contained the 1886 obituary of one Archibald Crosby GARRISON. Because of Phebe’s deceased brother named Archibald CROSBY, we obtained the obituary. This record stated that Archibald Crosby GARRISON was born in Schenango Town, Rensselaer County, New York, in 1798 and lived on a farm with his father until he was twenty-two years old.44 He lived in this town until 1830, when he moved to Parish, Oswego County, where he resided until 1853, when he moved to Wisconsin. Further research indicated that there was a probable relationship between Elisha CROSBY and Archibald Crosby GARRISON (see below).

Montgomery and Schoharie Counties, New York
As noted above, John CROSBY, son of Joshua CROSBY and grandson of our Elisha CROSBY, was recorded as born 1812 in Charleston, Montgomery County, New York. Previously we had found that Elisha’s likely relative, Obadiah CROSBY, moved to Root, Montgomery County, about 1803 and was still living there in 1832. A current map reveals that Charleston and Root are adjacent towns and lie on the Montgomery-Schoharie County border.

In 1810, Obadiah CROSBY and his sons, Theodorus and Alonzo (listed as Elanzo), were all enumerated on the same page in the census of Canajoharie Town, Montgomery County.45 Jacob S. HALLET, probable son-in-law of Elisha CROSBY, was enumerated in Charlestown Town (Charleston).46 The Town of Root was formed from parts of Canajoharie and Charleston in 1823 (see J. H. French's Gazetteer of New York (1860)). In Carlisle Town, Schoharie County, which currently borders Root and Charleston, Elisha and Joshua CROSBY were enumerated, along with Jacob S. HALLET’s father, Solomon HAWLET.47 Elisha’s household in 1810 consisted of the following:

1 male over 45 (b. before 1765) (Elisha)
1 female over 45 (b. before 1765) (Susan?)
1 male 16-26 (b. 1784-1794)
1 male 10-16 (b. 1794-1800)
1 female under 10 (b. 1800-1810) (Phebe?)

Based on the 1820 enumeration of Foster CROSBY and the 1830 enumeration of Edward CROSBY, these men could have been the younger males in Elisha’s household in 1810. The enumeration of Joshua CROSBY indicated he was born between 1784 and 1794. The enumeration of Jacob S. HALLET indicated his wife was born between 1784 and 1794; subsequent censuses indicated Patty HALLET was born between 1794 and 1800 (see above).

Probate, land, mortgage, church, cemetery and other census records were examined for these counties for the CROSBY and HALLET surnames. Many records were found for Obadiah CROSBY and his descendants, but nothing has yet been discovered regarding the probable family of Elisha CROSBY in these counties. More cemetery records in Montgomery County need to be searched.

The 1799-1804 Montgomery and Schoharie County tax lists were searched for all CROSBYs. The 1802 tax list of Cobleskill Town, Schoharie County, included an Elisha CROSBY, who was taxed for $150 worth of real estate and $30 worth of personal property.48 In 1803, Elisha CROSSBY was taxed for $135 worth of real estate and $25 worth of personal property.49 Elisha was the only CROSBY in Cobleskill during these years. Part of Cobleskill became part of the town of Carlisle in 1807 (see J. H. French's Gazetteer of New York (1860)). In 1804 Elisha was not listed, but a John CRASSBAY was included in Cobleskill.50 John CRASSBAY owned 156 acres of land in Lot 13 of Franklin’s Patent, worth $156 dollars.

Other CROSBYs in these counties during this time period were David CROSBY of Minden, Montgomery County, in 1799 and 1800, David CRAUSBY/CROSBY of Palatine, Montgomery County, from 1801 to 1803, Uzziel CROSBY of Johnstown, Montgomery County (later in Fulton County), from 1800 to 1803 and Isaac CROSBY of Johnstown in 1803. It should be noted that the 1804 lists for both counties appear to be incomplete.

The presence of Elisha CROSBY in Cobleskill in 1802 and 1803 was very intriguing, as the Elisha CROSBY of Norwich, Chenango County, did not appear in the tax lists of that area after 1802 (see above). It appears that Elisha lived in Norwich in 1800 and 1801 and then moved to Cobleskill by 1802 and may have lived in that area at least until 1810, when he was enumerated in Carlisle in the census. We know from the Chenango County deeds that Joshua and Nancy CROSBY were residents of what is now Afton in 1814 (see above). The Chenango County history mentioned above indicated Nancy’s father, John JOHNSTON, moved from Montgomery County to what is now Afton about 1809-1810. From the New York state census and vital records, it appears that Jacob and Patty HALLET’s oldest child was born in Schoharie or Montgomery County about 1808, that another child was born in Montgomery County in about 1815 and that same year the family moved to Bainbridge.51 If we are dealing with the same Elisha CROSBY, he could have moved to the Bainbridge area about the same time, with his married children, and in time to be buried there in 1818 (see above). Phebe CROSBY married Benjamin PECK in 1817, but the place of their wedding is unknown. Benjamin’s father died in Bainbridge in 1816, but family tradition claims Benjamin earned his living on the Susquehanna River, so he could have met and married Phebe in another location.

The presence of Elisha CROSBY in the Cobleskill tax lists raises another question: If Elisha was taxed for real estate, why was there no record of him buying or selling this property in the Schoharie County land records?

The mortgage records of Schoharie County need to be examined for the CROSBY surname and research needs to be done in the Van Buren Lamb Collection of Schoharie County records for the HALLET family as well.

Obadiah Crosby family/1800 Census Probable Incorrect Recording
From the 1790 to 1830 censuses, church, genealogical and historical records, a family group sheet was compiled for Obadiah CROSBY. According to printed genealogies uploaded on the Internet, Obadiah’s wife was Mary FOSTER. Because of the given name Foster in Elisha’s family, here is another tie between Obadiah and Elisha’s families. It is possible that Elisha’s wife, Susan, could also have been a FOSTER and related to Mary. But there are so many FOSTERs in Dutchess and Putnam counties who intermarried with the CROSBYs that we cannot assume anything because of these similar names. Other information was obtained from a history of a descendent, George W. NOBLE of Wells, Bradford County, Pennsylvania. This history stated that Thankful CROSBY, Obadiah’s daughter, was a native of Dutchess County, New York, and married Oliver NOBLE. Thankful died 18 January 1830, in her fiftieth year, meaning she was born about 1780.52 Alonzo C. NOBLE, Thankful’s son, was born in Schoharie County in 1808 and moved to Chenango County about 1825. He was married in Bainbridge in 1830 and moved in May 1833 to Wells Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania, where he remained until about 1837, when he moved to Broome County, New York, where he stayed until about 1839, when he returned to Wells Township. He also lived in Springfield Township, Bradford County, Pennsylvania, and Tioga County, Pennsylvania, but returned to Wells Township in 1851 and remained there the rest of his life.53 Church records stated that Theodore/Theodorus CROSBY died in 1848 at the age of sixty-seven, making him born about 1781.54 The Isaac CROSBY who I believe is the son of Obadiah died in 1860 and his calculated birth year from his cemetery record is 1807.55

Listed in a separate post is the census information for Obadiah CROSBY’s family, from 1790 to 1850. This information, combined with the birth year data obtained from other sources, indicates that the 1800 Census was probably recorded incorrectly for Obadiah - that the numbers were put one column to the right from where they should have been. I also did a chart for Elisha CROSBY’s proposed family, for the census data from 1790 to 1840, which also indicates that Elisha’s 1800 enumeration could have been recorded incorrectly, in the same way. However, there is still a problem with only one female in the household under the age of 10, when there should have been two–Patty and Phebe.

Rensselaer and Albany Counties, New York
In 1790, the only Elisha CROSBY in New York was listed in Rensselaerwyck, Albany County.56 His last name was spelled CROSBEY in this record. His household consisted of the following:

1 male over 16 (b. before 1774) (Elisha)
2 males under 16 (b. 1774-1790)
4 females

From the census enumeration only, I am not certain that this is the Elisha CROSBY who later lived in Chenango and Schoharie Counties. He had more females in his household than later censuses indicated. However, other records indicate that this could be the same man (see below). Listed on the same printed page and twenty-five households away from Elisha was Enoch CROSBEY. This man had 1 male over 16, 1 male under 16 and 2 females in his household, indicating he was probably a young unmarried man in 1790. I have been unable to trace this Enoch CROSBEY in other records.57

Also listed on the same printed page as Elisha, twenty-four households away (in the other direction), was an Aaron GARRISON. Research on the Internet indicates that Aaron (1758-1840) was the father of Archibald Crosby GARRISON (see above) and that Aaron’s mother was Susannah CROSBY (1740-1819). Both Aaron and Susannah are listed in FamilySearch.org as being born in Southeast, Putnam County, New York.58 Aaron was buried in 1840 in Nassau, Rensselaer County, New York.59 Therefore, he was probably the Aron GARRISON mentioned in Obadiah CROSBY’s pension application who was living east of Albany in 1832 and for whom Obadiah served as a substitute in 1778 while Obadiah was living in Patterson, Dutchess (now Putnam) County, New York (see above). So here is another unspecified connection between Elisha and Obadiah and between them and the CROSBY’s of Dutchess and Putnam Counties, New York. The 1790 Census also includes Ira and John GARRISON on the same printed page as Aaron GARRISON and Elisha CROSBY. These men are probably Aaron’s father and brother.

The Albany county deed and mortgage indices contain no CROSBYs prior to 1824. The Court of Chancery records included a petitioner John CROSBY in 1793 and defendant Benjamin CROSBY in 1794. Likewise, the Surrogate record index listed no CROSBYs until long after Elisha’s demise.

In 1791, Rensselaer County was created from the part of Albany County that included Rensselaerwyck. Therefore, from 1791 on, the area where Elisha CROSBEY was enumerated in 1790 would have been part of Rensselaer County. The town of Schodack, where Aaron GARRISON lived, was formed from part of Rennsselaerwyck in 1795 and after that date Rensselaerwyck ceased to exist.60

The Rensselaer County deed indices include no CROSBYs until 1835. Cemetery, church records and wills for this area from 1794 to 1822 contain no CROSBYs of interest.61

Hope for traces of Elisha was found in the book, Military Minutes of the Council of Appointment of the State of New York, 1783-1821 and in the original records on which the book is based.62 On Saturday, 7 March 1798, the Council of Appointment resolved that in the Rensselaer County militia that Elisha CROSBEY be appointed as a lieutenant to replace Derick WILSON who was promoted at the same time to captain. Then, on Tuesday, 11 November 1800, the Council resolved that Garrit HEERMANCE be appointed to lieutenant to replace Elisha CROSBY who had removed, and Joshua GRIFFITH was appointed to ensign to replace E. CROSBY who had been promoted and removed. I was very thrilled to find this record, as it indicated that the Elisha CROSBY of Albany and Rensselaer Counties could have been the same Elisha who was listed in the 1800 Census and tax list of Chenango County but was not in the Chenango County vicinity tax lists prior to 1800 (see above). Of course, I don’t know that “removed” in the council minutes meant physical removal from a place or just from the militia. No Elisha CROSBY was listed in the 1800 Census of Rensselaer County.

Other evidence of Elisha was found in the Van Rensselaer Manor Papers Index at the New York State Library. The index listed two Elijah CROSBYs but a review of the actual records revealed that one was actually Elisha. On 27 April 1790, Elisha CROSBY and Joseph ROOKER leased from Stephen VAN RENSSELAER a 170-acre farm in East Manor.63 All parties to this transaction were residents of Rensselaerwyck Manor, Albany County. CROSBY and ROOKER were yeomen (farmers). The rent for the lease was winter wheat, to be delivered to VAN RENSSELAER annually each January. The description of the leased property is partially unreadable, but did mention adjoining land that had been surveyed for Dirck (?) WILSON and Cornelius DYCKMAN (?). The lease was witnessed by Robert S. VAN RENSSELAER and Schuyler SWITS. Most valuable, it contained the original signature of Elisha CROSBY and the other parties to the lease.

East Manor was the part of Rensselaerwyck east of the Hudson River. “The East Manor lands included all of Rensselaer County south of Lansingburgh, Schaghticoke, Pittstown, and Hoosick. It was later divided into areas known as Elizabethtown, Philiptown, Roxborough, Greenbush, Schodack, Stephentown, Middletown, and Little Hoosick.”64

Research on the other men mentioned in the lease and militia records was done on the Internet. Joseph ROOKER was listed adjacent to Elisha CROSBEY in the 1790 Census. Joseph served in the Revolutionary War from Kinderhook, Columbia County, New York, and later resided in Whitehall, Washington County, New York. Joshua GRIFFITH was born in 1763 and lived in Nassau, Rensselaer County. Cornelius DYKMAN and Diruck WILSON are listed near Elisha CROSBEY in the 1790 Census. Stephen VAN RENSSELAER was, of course, the owner of the Manor and very prominent in this region at this time. (See www.nysm.nysed.gov/albany/bios/vr/svr3.html.) Garrit HEERMANCE and Schuyler SWITS were not definitely identified, but were presumably of Dutch descent and not potential CROSBY relatives. Robert S. VAN RENSSELAER was a cousin of Stephen VAN RENSSELAER.

Fascinating reading about the VAN RENSSELAER manor and its tenants was found on two web sites: http://churchtree.tripod.com/rensshistory.html and www.bernehistory.org/area_history/antiRent1.htm. Some of the VAN RENSSELAER manor and family papers (only available at the New York State Library) may need to be searched for evidence of our CROSBY family.

The second lease indexed under the name of Elijah CROSBY was interesting. This lease was made in June 1803, between John H. LIVINGSTON of New York City and Elijah CROSBY of -----kill, Schoharie County (probably Cobleskill) for an 106-acre farm in Schoharie County.65 The land bordered Johannis AUCKER’s patent. The signatures for this lease were not available; they may have been destroyed by fire or water damage or not written, so there is no way of proving that this Elijah was actually Elisha. However, as noted above, there was no Elijah CROSBY found in all of Schoharie County in 1803; only Elisha of Cobleskill. This lease is very faint and could use further study.

Obediah CROSBEY of Dutchess County also received a lease from Stephen VAN RENSSELAER.66 Obediah’s occupation was listed as Cordwainer in this lease, which was made in 1788. The agreement concerned a 156-acre farm “at or near a Place called Basick, known and distinguished as Lot Number Four hundred & twenty five. . . .” Basick is currently called Rensselaerville Town and is in the southwest part of Albany County. This land transaction is curious as Obadiah CROSBY’s pension application indicates he lived in Dutchess County until 1796 and then moved directly to Chenango County and he is listed in the 1790 Census in Dutchess County. Of course, the lease does not prove that Obediah ever lived on the property.

From the Crosby Genforum (http://genforum.genealogy.com/crosby), I have been in contact with Barbara Hill, a descendant of Clarinda or Clorinda CROSBY, who was about 1780 or 1782 and whose first child, born in 1807, was named Elisha Crosby CONKLIN. Elisha CONKLIN was christened in 1811 in Nassau, Rensselaer County, New York, which is in Schodack Town.67 If Elisha CROSBY (1763-1818) married very young, he might have been Clarinda/Clorinda’s father. However, there is a better chance that he was her older brother, cousin or uncle. Some records concerning Clarinda/Clorinda indicate she was born in New York; others say Connecticut or Vermont. The eastern part of Connecticut would be a good place to search for our CROSBY family.

It is interesting to note that in the 1800 Schodack Census, Abraham, Gilbert, Abraham (Jr.) and Carpenter CONKLIN (relatives of Clarinda/Clorinda’s husband) are all listed near Joseph GARRISON, Aaron GARRISON’s brother (I have not yet identified Aaron in the 1800 Census).68 And in the 1810 Schodack Census, Abbram and Gilbert CONKLIN are listed adjacent to Joseph and Aaron GARRISON, with Clarinda/Clorinda’s husband, Matthias (Matthew) seven households away.69 So here we have another tantalizing connection between the GARRISONs and a “hanging”, unconnected CROSBY.

Broome County, New York
This county borders the Afton/South Bainbridge area of Chenango County. The deed indices included only two CROSBYs in the pre-1850 time period. The earliest one was Samuel CROSBY of Lisle, who in 1807 bought and sold property in the Chenango Triangle (now Triangle Town, Broome County but in 1807 part of Lisle).70 Then, in 1816, William McClure CROSBY and wife Abbey of New York City sold 90 acres in Windsor, Broome County, to another New York City resident.71

Joshua CROSBY was enumerated in the 1830 Census of Colesville. This census indicated he was born between 1790 and 1800. The only female of a comparable age in his household was born between 1780 and 1790, which matches the information from Nancy (JOHNSTON) CROSBY’s cemetery record (see above). Joshua CROSBY was listed in this census on the same page as Phebe (CROSBY) PECK’s brothers-in-law, Joseph KNIGHT and Aaron CULVER.72 Colesville Town bordered Bainbridge in 1831.

Bradford County, Pennsylvania
For information on Joshua CROSBY’s family in this area, please see http://www.rootsweb.com/~srgp/kelsey/kjwc2.htm.

Lee and Whiteside Counties, Illinois
These areas were investigated in an effort to further trace Phebe's brothers, Joshua and Edward CROSBY, formerly of Bainbridge, Chenango County, New York. From the listing of Joshua CROSBY’s descendants (see above), it appeared his family lived in this area in the late 1830s and early 1840s (see above). The 1840 Census of Dixon Precinct, Lee County, included Edward, Joshua and John CROSBY, on three consecutive pages.73 Edward had one male and one female in his household who were age 40 to 50, or born 1790-1800, which is the same age range as the Edward of Bainbridge in 1830. Joshua was also age 40 to 50, while Nancy was again in the older age bracket. John was listed as age 20 to 30 (born 1810-1820) with only a male under five in his household. He appears to be Joshua’s son John (born 1812) even tho this John would have been married by 1840.

The following CROSBYs Lee County marriage records from 1839 to 1865:

CROSBY, Edward and MICKLE, Elizabeth by Frederick R. Dutcher, J.P. 13 Aug 1843
CROSBY, Harvey and SPAULDING, Cyntha E., by Harvey Morgan, Probate J.P. 25 Jun 1840
CUTSHAW, Joshua B. and CROSBY, Deantha B., by Frederick R. Dutcher, J.P. 27 Feb 1840
KIMBLE, Horris and CROSBY, Lowis by Thomas Tourtillett, M.G. 14 Mar 1843

According to a descendant, Lois (Lowis) CROSBY was born in New Hampshire and had possible Native American ancestry, so I don’t think she was potential relative. Deantha CROSBY later lived in Michigan. I now [2015] believe that the Edward CROSBY in this record could be Edward, brother of Phebe. The probate records of Edward Crosby of Sterling, Whiteside County, Illinois who died in 1849, name Elizabeth as his widow and there are MICKEL/MICKLEs mentioned in the records. Elizabeth appears in the Sterling 1860 and 1870 censuses as born about 1785 in New York. According to online trees, her maiden name was Wiley. I need to review the probate records in more detail, as well as the Lee and Whiteside County land records. Harvey Crosby's family has been found in the censuses from 1850 through 1870 (they moved to Iowa). It is interesting to note that Joshua CROSBY’s son, Edward T. CROSBY, was married to a Susan SPALDING.74

An 1881 history of Lee County included the following information in a list of old settlers of Dixon and vicinity:

Crosby, Edward, born in New York; arrived 1840; died at Fulton
Crosby, Elisha, born in New York; arrived 184075

The Elisha CROSBY listed here was probably Elisha Foster CROSBY (1814-1898), the son of Joshua CROSBY.76 But the Edward CROSBY who died in Fulton could not have been Edward, son of Joshua, who died in 1886 in Brookings, South Dakota.77 I presumed that the “Fulton” in this record was Fulton, Illinois, which is in Whiteside County, which borders Lee County to the west. The 1840 Census of Whiteside County included Edward and Elisha CROSBEY, who appeared to be newly married men between the ages of 20 and 30, listed together.78 These may have been Joshua’s sons. Also in Whiteside County was an Isaac CROSBY, age 30 to 40.79 The 1850 Whiteside County Census indicated that this Isaac was born in Massachusetts.80

I have been unable to find any further information on what became of Edward CROSBY (b. 1790-1800) and the other Lee County CROSBYs who are not connected to Joshua. I would really be interested in tracing Edward and Catherine’s descendants.

It is interesting to note that Phebe (CROSBY) (PECK) KNIGHT was living in 1840 in Nauvoo, Hancock County, Illinois, while her probable brothers were 172 miles away (on current roads) in Dixon. I wonder if they ever contacted each other during this period. Clorinda/Clarinda (CROSBY) CONKLIN also ended up in Illinois but she was still in New York state in 1855. In 1860 she was in Trivili, Peoria County, and she had apparently died by 1870 when her son was enumerated in Saratoga, Marshall County.

In all the records searched thus far, I have never seen any COXes listed near the CROSBYs. So I wonder where and when Thankful COX (see beginning section) lived. Perhaps the deed indices for all upstate New York counties between and including Putnam and Chenango could be searched for Thankful. I have not been able to identify her on the Internet as a COX or as a possible CROSBY.

This is my research summary to this point. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me at beveric@yahoo.com.

Beverly A. Royer

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Crosbys of Dutchess and Putnam Counties, NY

Following is a report I received from J. Kelsey Jones, a descendant of Obadiah CROSBY. I have not verified this information.

It is believed that most of the Crosbys of Putnam County, New York are descended from Thomas, David, Joshua, and Isaac Crosby who removed there in the mid eighteenth century from Harwich, Barnstable County, Massachusetts. They settled on a section of the Philipse Patent, which comprised nearly the present county of Putnam (then Dutchess) County, granted in 1697 to AdolphPhilipse. Of the four Crosbys, Joshua and David were brothers and cousins to Thomas and Isaac, the latter two also being cousins to each other. Isaac Crosby was a descendant of William Brewster of the Mayflower through hismother, Patience Freeman and the other three Crosbys all married descendants of Stephen Hopkins of the Mayflower.

The problem evolves of determining which of the four Crosbys the various Crosbys in Putnam County are descended from. Thomas Crosby and his wife had eight children born at Harwich, Massachusetts, the last in 1752, and one could assume more children were born after their removal to Dutchess (that portion that is now Putnam) County. Elizabeth was forty years of age at the birth of her eighth child in 1752. David Crosby and wife had four children born at Harwich and four more children born after their removal to Dutchess County. Eight children were named in the Will of David Crosby. Joshua Crosby and wife had six children born at Harwich and other children born after their removal to Dutchess County. Joshua Crosby left a Will in which he named eight children. The last of the four Crosbys of our concern is Isaac, who it is said was the first Crosby to remove to Dutchess County, New York. No children are recorded at Harwich for Isaac, which may indicate that he did remove to New York state at an early date. He left no Will and his complete family is unknown. Since the children of Thomas, David, and Joshua Crosby are known, one would assume the other unplaced Crosbys would be children of Isaac Crosby, but proof of making such an assumption is lacking. There were no vital records kept in Dutchess County as there had been in Harwich, Massachusetts and thus many dates are lacking after the families removed to Dutchess County. The records of the church at Philippi (now Southeast) begin in September 1786. The first book of records of this church were lost, which would have contained important information on the Crosby families. In the American Revolution, twenty one Crosbys were members of the Dutchess County militia. Abner, David, Eli, Encoh, John, Joshua, Josiah, Moses, Nathan, Reuben, Samuel, Thody (Theodorus), and Thomas were sons of Thomas, David, and Joshua Crosby, while Peter and and James were grandsons. Of the six remaining Crosbys, Solomon and Eleazar were sons of Isaac, leaving Joseph, Obadiah, Lemuel and Issac who were also perhaps sons of Isaac. The Crosbys settled in what is now the present towns of Carmel, Northeast, Patterson, and Southeast in Putnam County, New York. Putnam County was formed from Dutchess County 12 June 1812. Thus, the early records from the mid 1700's to 1812 for the Crosbys refer to Dutchess County, though their residence was in what is now Putnam County. The Crosbys settled on what was known as "The Oblong," an area in eastern Putnam County, being a strip of land one mile, three quarters, and twenty rods wide. A portion of this was formed as Frederickstown and still later, Southeast. Much of present Southeast embraces lot 9 of the Phillipse Patent and the south half of lot 8. Southeast is bordered on the west by Carmel, on the north by Patterson, on the east by the state of Connecticut, and on the south by WestchesterCounty. Most of the farms in the area were held by lease until 1811 when the Philipse family began to sell the farms. Thus, there are no deeds for much of this area in the 1700's, because of the perpetual leases given to the tenants by the Philipse family.

1. Thomas Crosby b. c. 1705 bpt 19 Aug 1705 Harwich, Massachusetts son of Thomas and Hannah Crosby, m. 9 Aug 1733 at Harwich, Elizabeth Hopkins b. 21Apr 1711 Harwich daughter of Nathaniel Hopkins and Mercy Mayo and a fifth generation descendant of Stephen Hopkins of the Mayflower. Thomas and his family resided at Harwich and the births of eight children were recordedthere. Thomas appears on the tax list in Fredericks Precinct, Dutchess County in 1747, but evidently had not removed his family there by that date, since it is related that his son, Enoch Crosby was three years old when they moved to New York state, which would place the date at 1753. Futhermore, youngest son, Thomas who was born in 1752 is recorded in Harwich vital records. Thomas was dismissed 1 Aug 1756 from the First Parish Church ofHarwich "to ye church in or near ye Oblong, under ye care of ye Rev. Kniblow." He and his family are related to have settled in what is now the present town of Carmel, Putnam County and occupied a farm, which included the old Gilead burying ground. He was living there in 1754 and 12 Apr 1762 on a survey of lot no. 6 (now Carmel). In 1766 the farm was leased by Philip Philipse to James Dickison "formerly in possession of Thomas Crosby." He is related to have removed to the eastern portion of the town of Southeast, which town borders Carmel on the east. However, if they resided in the town of Southeast, they then removed to the town of Northeast as he was assessed at Northeast, Dutchess County from 1771-9 and listed in a return of inhabitants of Northeast Precinct, Dutchess County, 5 July 1775 who signed the Revolutionary pledge of Assocatioan [sic]. Thomas d. 13 Dec 1781 77y (ts)buried Mountain Cemetery, North East (Patterson), Putnam County, New York. Elizabeth d. 6 Aug 1801 92y (ts) buried Gilead Burying Ground, Carmel.

5. Bethiah Crosby b. 22 Mar 1734 bpt 15 Apr 1739 Harwich, Massachusetts d.12 June 1752.
6. Phoebe Crosby b. 28 June 1736 bpt 15 Apr 1739 Harwich.
7. Hannah Crosby b. 14 July 1739 bpt 22 July 1739 Harwich.
8. Elizabeth Crosby b. 12 Jan 1741/2 bpt 24 Jan 1741/2 Harwich.
9. Benjamin Crosby b. 9 Aug 1744 bpt 19 Aug 1744 Harwich.
10. Jeremiah Crosby b. 11 Feb 1746/7 bpt 15 Feb 1746/7 Harwich.
11. Enoch Crosby b. 25 Dec 1749 (Harwich vr) 4 Jan 1750 (his own record) bpt 31 Dec 1749 Harwich.
12. Thomas Crosby Jr., b. 3 Feb 1752 bpt 3 Feb 1752 Harwich.

2. David Crosby b. 13 Apr 1709 bpt 22 May 1709 First Parish Church, Harwich, Massachusetts son of John and Hannah Crosby, m. 19 June 1735 at Harwich, Reliance Hopkins b. 17 Nov 1709 Harwich bpt 24 July 1715 daughter of Samuel Hopkins and Lydia Rich and a fifth generation descendant of Stephen Hopkins of the Mayflower. Her sister, Lydia m. David's brother, Joshua. Reliance was admitted to the Harwich First Parish Church, 15 May 1737 and David was "admitted to full communion, eodem tempore, 1742." Their older children were baptised in this church, the last baptised 13 Jan 1745 after which date they removed to the Oblong on the Philipse (sometimes Phillippi) Patent in Dutchess (that portion that is now Putnam) County, New York. David appears on the 1747 tax list of Fredericks Precinct. He and his wife and other relatives were dismissed from Harwich First Parish Church to "the church in the Oblong 3 Sept 1749, under ye pastoral care of ye Rev. Mr. Kent." The Will of Samuel Hopkins dated 6 June 1749 named his daughter "Reliance Crosbee." David was residing on lot no. 8 (present Southeast, Putnam County) in 1754 and 1 May 1768. On 1777 tax list of Fredericks Precinct. David and Reliance were members of the church at East Phillipi (Southeast). His Will dated 29 Aug 1782 Fredericks Precinct, names wife (unnamed), daughters, Susannah Garrison, Reliance Crosby, Sarah Towns, and Hulda Youngs, sons, David, Abner, Eli, and Moses. David and Abner were executors. Witnessed by David Crosby Jr., Abner Crosby, and William MacClure. Signatures acknowledged 14 May and proved 8 Aug 1794. The markers of David and Reliance stand in the Sears Burying Ground at Doanesburg in the town of Southeast, Putnam County, New York. "In memory of David Crosby the Elder who departed this life Oct 20th 1793 in the 85th year of his age. In memory of Mrs. Reliance Crosbey wife of Mr. David Crosbey who departed this life Feb 25th 1788 in the 75th year of her age."

13. David Crosby Jr., b. 6 Sept 1737 bpt 18 Sept 1737 Harwich,Massachusetts.
14. Susannah Crosby b. 19 Aug 1740 bpt 1 Sept 1740 Harwich.
15. Reliance Crosby b. 14 Nov 1742 bpt 16 Jan 1743 Harwich is called"Reliance Crosby" in the Will of her father dated 29 Aug 1782 and her sisters were called by their married names. She would have been thirty nineyears of age at that date. It was perhaps her niece, Reliance b. 1769 daughter of Abner Crosby who m. Jeremiah Burgess, since two sons were baptised in 1790, to late to be children of Reliance b. in 1742. There were two Reliance Crosbys who were members of the Phillippi Church, 7 Sept 1786, evidently her and her mother, since her niece b. in 1769 would have still been a minor. Jeremiah Burgis and Reliance, his wife, were added to the church rolls 6 Dec 1789. In the Sears Burying Ground is "Naomi daughter of Capt. Jeremiah Burgis d. 1Mar 1789 22y. If Naomi's mother was Reliance, she cannot be the Reliance b.in 1769, but the marker gives no name for the mother of Naomi.
16. Abner Crosby b. 25 Dec 1744 bpt 13 Jan 1745 Harwich.
17. Sarah Crosby b. 1747 bpt 17 May 1747 Harwich.
18. Eli Crosby b. 1749 Fredericks Precinct (that portion that is now the town of Southeast, Putnam County, New York).
19. Moses Crosby b. 1755 Fredericks Precinct.
20. Huldah Crosby b. 1758 Fredericks Precinct.

3. Joshua Crosby b. 4 Aug 1712 bpt 7 Sept 1712 Harwich, Massachusetts son of John and Hannah Crosby, m. 2 Aug 1733 in Harwich, Lydia Hopkins b. 1 June1713 Harwich daughter of Samuel Hopkins and Lydia Rich, and sister to Reliance Hopkins who m. his brother, David. Lydia was a fifth generation descendant of Stephen Hopkins of the Mayflower. Lydia was admitted to the Harwich First Parish Church, 14 July 1734. In 1749 she was named in the Will of her father. Lydia was dismissed from the First Parish Church of Harwich to the parish presided over by Rev. Elisha Kent in the "oblong" valley, Dutchess County (that portion that is now Putnam), New York, 3 Sept 1749 along with many other relatives. Joshua and his family removed to the Philipse Patent in Dutchess County, New York in a section known as Fredericks Precinct, later Frederickstown and East Phillippi and finally after the formation of Putnam County as Southeast. He first appears on the 1747 tax list. When the farms were surveyed in 1754 tenants on lot 8 were David and Joseph Crosby and again 1 May 1768 David and Joseph Crosby. Since there is no known Joseph Crosby and the name Joshua is not found elsewhere in these lists, he evidently was named in error as Joseph Crosby with his brother, David. Joshua is on a list of tax inhabitants of Philipsi Patent, Fredericks Precinct in 1777. The East Phillippi Church records relate that "Mrs. Lydia wife of Mr. Joshua Crosby died 19 Sept 1781 ae 67 years." Her marker of the same date and age is in the Sears Burying Ground, Doanesburg, town of Southeast, Putnam County, New York. Joshua m. 16 May 1784 at Harwich, Massachusetts, (2) Eunice Freeman Foster b. 25 Nov 1705 Eastham, Massachusetts daughter of Constant and Jane Treat Freeman. Record of intention calls him Joshua Crosby of Dutchess County, New York. They returned to Dutchess County after their marriage. Joshua was a member of the church at East Philippi (now Southeast), 4 Sept 1786. His Will dated 8 June 1785 Frederickstown, Dutchess County, left property to wife, Eunice and estate divided among sons, Nathan and Josiah, with legacies to their brothers, Reuben, Joshua, Theodorus, Samuel, and John and their sister, Lydia Foster. Executors were sons, Reuben and Theodorus, and David Crosby Jr. Will proved 16 Dec 1795 filed at Poughkeepsie, New York, he perhaps having d. just prior to that date. In the 1790 census of Frederickstown, there was himself and one female in his household.

21. Nathaniel Crosby b. 1 Nov 1734 bpt 3 Nov 1734 Harwich, Massachusetts.
22. Reuben Crosby b. 1 Jan 1735/6 bpt 11 Jan 1736 Harwich.
23. Joshua Crosby Jr., b. 30 Dec 1737 bpt 29 Jan 1738 Harwich.
24. Theodorus Crosby b. 19 Dec 1739 bpt 23 Dec 1739 Harwich.
25. Elijah Crosby b. 7 June 1742 bpt 11 July 1742 Harwich.
26. Hannah Crosby b. 25 Oct 1744 d. Mar 1757 13y (ts) Sears Burying Ground.
27. Lydia Crosby b. perhaps c. 1746/7.
28. Samuel Crosby b. c. 1749.
29. Josiah Crosby b. perhaps c. 1752.
30. John Crosby b. c. 1755/8.

4. Isaac Crosby b. 18 Oct 1719 bpt 20 Sept 1724 Harwich First Parish Church, Harwich, Massachusetts son of Eleazar Crosby and Patience Freeman m. 7 Oct 1742, Mercy Foster b. 29 July 1722 daughter of Chillingsworth Foster and Susanna Gray. Isaac is said to have been the first Crosby in Dutchess County (that portion that is now the towns of Patterson and Southeast, Putnam County), New York perhaps as early as 1743, which may account for the fact that none of his children were recorded in the Harwich church records. He is on the tax list of 1746 and still there in 1757. He was named in the Will of his father dated 23 Oct 1759. Deacon Chillingsworth Foster left a Will dated 30 Sept 1763 in which he remembered his daughter, "MercyCrosbie." Isaac is related to have been the first elder in the East Philippi Church at Southeast. He appears on the 1777 tax list of Phillippi Patent, Southeast Precinct. Enumerated in the town of Southeast, Dutchess County in 1790, one of only two Crosbys in Southeast the other being his presumed son, Obadiah. There were twenty three Crosbys enumerated in Frederickstown in 1790. There were 3 males over sixteen, 2 males under sixteen, and six females in his household. His wife could not be the mother of the children under sixteen and perhaps a married child with children was residing intheir household. There was a dwelling house listed for an Isaac Crosby, 1 Oct 1798, town of Franklin, Putnam County. He left no Will. His marker stands in the old Milltown Cemetery, town of Southeast and reads, "Isaac Crosby died Feb. 17,1815 in 97 year of his age." His death was also recorded in the Southeast Church records. Beside his marker stands the marker of his second wife, "Thankful Crosby died Feb. 19, 1815 aged 87 years." Her death is also recorded in the Southeast Church records with the same date and an age of 88 years. Milltown is located on the Croton River near the middle of the Oblong. The older children of Isaac were by his first wife, Mercy, and perhaps the younger children were by his second wife, Thankful.

31. Solomon Crosby b. c. 1749.
32. Jerusha Crosby b. 29 June 1754 Southeast m. Eleazar Benedict.
33. Mary Crosby m. John Wilcox.
34. perhaps Obadiah Crosby b. 1760 Patterson.
35. Eleazar Crosby b. 1761.
36. perhaps Elisha Crosby b. c. 1762.
37. perhaps Isaac Crosby b. c. 1765.
38. Sylvanus Crosby b. c. 1769.
39. perhaps Lemuel Crosby.
40. perhaps Darius Crosby.


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